A granola experiment

Last week I cut way back on my grain consumption and my tummy was the happiest ever. I’m not really sure what exactly was affecting me so much (wheat? gluten? starch?), but no grains = no balloon belly and it is totally worth it. So, you can imagine that I’m re-thinking my bagel and sandwich-based eating strategies in a hurry.

In accordance with this theme, I made a little bit of yummy granola. I produced a half-batch of this recipe from Food in Jars (a canning blog that I regularly drool over) with a few modifications:

  • Didn’t have any “Brown Rice Syrup” (does anyone, ever?!), so I used all honey.
  • Added some flax seeds and a handful of dried cranberries.
  • Sprinkled in some cardamom with the cinnamon (since I still have tons leftover from my Cardamom Plum Jam project).

The results are yummy, though maybe not the holy grail of granola. I love the variety of nuts/seeds, but I think I want it to be a bit clumpier and maybe even a little sweeter? Chances are, I’ll try again sometime soon.

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